Wellington Caves

LOCATION : Wellington Caves are located eight km south of Wellington in central New South Wales (Orange 90kms and Dubbo 58kms).


Wellington Caves
OVERVIEW : They were noted by Hamilton Hume in 1828, explored in 1830, and later developed for tourists. The caves are particularly famed for their fossil deposits, water-filled lake caves, and more recently, its phosphate mine.
ACCOMMODATION :Accommodation includes an on-site motel, caravan park, and cabins, plus an adjoining 18 hole golf course, tennis court, swimming pool, playgrounds, BBQ and picnic facilities. Other motels and caravan parks can be found in Wellington township. Adjacent to caves are an excellent museum, visitor's centre, Japanese garden, Bottle House, and craft shops.
CAVE TOURS : Three caves are open for inspection. These are Cathedral Cave (45 min. tour), with its giant stalagmite/column; Gaden (Coral) Cave Cave (45 min),with extensive cave coral decoration; and the Phosphate Mine-Bone Cave (45 min.) with uts extensive displays. The caves are open daily (except Christmas Day), from 9am until 4.00pm. Tours usually run hourly, and more frequently on weekends and during holidays. Here's the tour timetable for 22nd Dec - 3rd Feb 2019.
The caves are managed by the Wellington Shire Council.
Mailing Address: The Manager, Wellington Caves, P. O. Box 62, Wellington. N. S. W. 2820.
Telephone: (02) 6845 1418, FAX: (02) 6845 3086.
Email: caves@visitwellington.com.au