Takaka Caves and Karst 30/11/02—28/10/22

2010 Cascade Cave Patarau J Carr
Anatori river
Crystal Nucleation
Gorge creek input
Gorge creek resurgence cave
Gorge creek semi arch
Karren covered in moss
Karst North of Paturau
Rawhiti Cave entrance
Rawhiti Cave
Rawhiti Cave entrance
Rawhiti Cave entrance stalactites
Rawhiti Cave entrance
phototropic stalactites Rawhiti
2005 Road and view into Ngarua Caves M Trayes
2009 Oct Returning from Takaka Hill Fossi Cave - behind people M Trayes
2010 Canterbury Cavers emerging from Cascade Cave Patarau 2 J Carr
East Takaka karst on Websters Farm Oct 2009 M Trayes
Sunset , Pohara, Golden Bay, March 2022